Timber Bases.

It is always nice to get a new timber shed, summerhouse, or any garden building in your garden but you do need a solid base for them to sit on to ensure you get the best life out of the building. The options are concrete, paving slabs, timber decking, timber joists or Eco Bases . Which ever one you use you need to make the best job you can do. You may decide that you will get someone in to do this for you and if so, we can help. We can arrange for our fitters to build a timber base for you and will ensure that the base is level and will ensure a very long life for your building. They will make this base using pressure treated timbers and your building will sit on top of this base ensuring that your new building is well protected from any dampness coming up from the ground. This will help to ensure that your floor and garden building will last a very LONG time. All you need is a reasonably level piece of ground. However, it is possible to build even on uneven ground but you would need a special quote for this.

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The timber sheds we have on offer can be used for a number of garden storage solutions. If you want a new garden shed we will be able to sort this for you. We offer an express delivery service, 48 HR, Saturday, Sunday or Pick a Day to a number of postcodes*. Providing stock availability.